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We at think germany office, will try to give you latest and the most updated information to the students who want to study PhD in germany. Here You must get to know about the admission and visa requirements, top universities, PhD thesis, and post PhD career in germany.

If you have done masters and are in doubt to choose your PhD destination, then you must consider Germany for many great reasons. There are many soild reasons that make germany one of the favourite destination for PhD aspirants across the globe. Germany situated in the heart of Europe , educational and research facilities are one of the best among the world. You may know, or not know, but Germany is widely distuingished in providing research facilities to students, its top universities, ample practical training which prepares doctoral students in such a unique way that it increases the employment prospects of students. While studying doctoral degree in germany, You will actively involve with the in practical and theoratical work. Before you take decision from where you should do your PhD , we would suggest you some key points.

Presently, their are more than 1100 public and public funded institutions in germany of science, research and development. Among them which awards 150 doctoral degrees. Country gives huge importance to international students , as about more than twenty thousand international academics give their lecture every year in germany. One thing is very clear that germany has a very best research and educational infrastructure, well established resource networks, diverse programmes, professional follow up staff. One of the biggest benefit of doing doctoral degree from germany is that , it is totally free. Their is some semester fees , which is about 100 - 200 euro covering all the administrative costs of students in universities.

As applying as foreign student in germany , you must be aware that , though their is no tution fee but their is some money required to sustain your first year living in germany. For that you need to show proof of appx 8640 euro to german embassy for your one year living expenses in germany. There are various organisation like DAAD, DFG which support international students in their research activities.

In germany , student has the choice to choose one from individual or structured doctorate. In individual doctorate student has more liberty, as he can choose his tutor and study timetable, but in structured doctorate , group of students has to follow their tutor in strict fashion. Being in germany , student get chance to work with highly advanced research infrastructure of germany. Student has also chance to fund his education. There are many opportunities for individual doctoral students who generally find jobs in university campuses, and research professionals. Another important point that will support you for doctoral degree in germany is that germany stands top internationally in lifestyle and products. It is one of the world largest economy and one of the top industrialized nations of the world. Good political, economic, and culture of country attracts many professionals from all over the world to live and stay in germany. Germany has a huge cultural and social diversity . and migrants are the most important characterstic of the country. So you will be one of the most secured and safe nations while you are pursuing you doctoral in germany.

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